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Everyone knows Drone videos are amazing and offer unique perspectives. But these videos are becoming more and more common. I launched a drone videography business back in 2013 and produced countless client videos, and sold hundreds of stock clips to major brand names. But times are changing and so should your perspective on drones. With new and advanced technologies, drones are becoming smaller, safer, and are able to fly in small spaces, indoors, and even near people.


Imagine flying into the front door of your business and showing the check-in counter, retail space, service department all in one shot without any editing or jump cuts. Show off your large venue or property from way up high and all the way to the ground while maneuvering between objects and flying through an open door, or window to reveal the inside space. We script, manage and plot the entire flight with participants, this way it appears as if no one sees the drone at all, to provide an authentic production and feel your customers will watch from beginning to end.

Our Parent Company TopShots Media, LLC offers full service video production and more. Be sure to visit our site.

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